Alexander  Ferenets


Personal information



Date of birth

15 / 07 / 1990


Russian Federation

Marital Status

Single, no child

Preferred job

Web-programmer PHP

Main skills and competences

Good knowledge of
  • Web-technologies (PHP, MySQL, Javascript),
  • HTML and CSS,
  • PHP frameworks (Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter),
  • jQuery,
  • CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, ModX),
  • Java.
Basic knowledge of Linux, C++, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails

Work experience

Kazan Federal University

2013 – at present

One of the largest university in Russian Federation.

  • author and lecturer of such courses as Web-programming and Advanced PHP Programming,
  • project development courses tutor,
  • Java programming courses tutor.

2006 – 2011,
2013 – at present

   Web-developer (PHP)
  • development complex web applications using Symfony,
  • site all-way development using CMS (ModX, Joomla etc), own designed systems,
  • writing small CRM and ERP (usually for bookkeeping purposes) systems, parsers, scripts of different types on PHP and Ruby.

Own projects

  • learning how to use new frameworks, libraries and APIs,
  • improving programming and administrating skills,
  • improving writing and designing skills.

2011 – 2013

German Russian company
Complex sites, e.g. online shops, hotel and ticket booking systems

   Web-programmer (PHP, Ruby), team leader
  • complex sites on MVC frameworks (Symfony2, Yii, RoR),
  • site maintenance,
  • API and general cross system interaction architecture designing,
  • team leader since July of 2012.
Last projects:
  • Superbooking (on Russian)
    A service for seeking for a airplane tickets with simple and comfortable design.
    Developed with Symfony 2, jQuery, Uniteller and Rapida payment systems.
    I was one of programmers in a developing team. I made some parts of admin and mailing modules.
  • Runbee (on Russian)
    A service for seeking for a day-job using maps. The site has complex system of job recommendations, mail lists and very useful maps pages for employers and workers (runbees).
    Developed with Symfony 2, jQuery, Yandex and Google maps, Robokassa payment system.
    I was a team leader on this project. I designed site architecture, wrote technical documentation, made some parts of admin, user account modules etc

Education and training

High school

Master of radio-physics, specialization Information systems and processes,
   Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia, GPA 5 (A), 2011 – 2013
Bachelor of physics, specialization Quantum electronics, institute of physics,
   Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia, GPA 4.25 (B+), 2007 – 2011

Secondary school

9th school with extensive English learning, class of maths and physics,
   Kazan, Russia, 1997-2007
   Silver medal awarded for exceptional academic performance (equivalent to A-level)

Other skills and competences


  • Administrating of Apache+PHP+MySQL,
  • GIT,
  • Basic administrating of Linux,
  • Windows as experienced user,
  • Basics of Photoshop.
Other software: Wireshark, Redmine.


  • English – upper intermediate/advanced
  • German – pre-intermediate (A2)
  • Russian – native
  • Tatar – pre-intermediate

Social skills and competences

  • At my institute a lot of courses use project development with some final semester results as a base of education approach. Hence it requires me to pick up right projects for students, assemble balanced team of students with different skills. I act as a team leader for some key projects.
  • I've worked developing few projects as a team leader and project manager at Webdoka.
  • As a freelancer sometimes I have to find coworkers and organise our work.

Hobbies and activities

  • My favourite sports are volleyball and badminton
  • While studying for bachelor I have made short movie (8 min) about my native city   Kazan. It was interesting experience of interviewing, making videos and photos, working with sound.