Alexander  Ferenets


Personal information



Date of birth

15 / 07 / 1990


Russian Federation

Marital Status

Single, no child

Preferred job

Backend  Developer  PHP

Main skills and competences

Good knowledge of
  • PHP, MySQL,
  • Symfony, Doctrine ORM,
  • HTML, CSS, JS,
  • Core Java and Spring,
  • CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, ModX).
Worked with
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis,
  • Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter
  • Elasticsearch, Sphinx,
  • RabbitMQ.
For developing I use Docker, Linux/WSL, PHPStan/Psalm, PHPStorm, Git, Sentry.
Occasionally I use Ruby, Bash, C++.

Work experience

Kazan Federal University
2013 – at present

One of the largest universities in the Russian Federation.

Senior Lecturer
  • author and lecturer of such courses as Programming, Information Systems (Java), Web-programming and Advanced PHP Programming,
  • project development courses tutor,
  • head of some programming courses tutors.

2006 – at present

Web-developer (PHP)
  • development complex web applications using Symfony,
  • site all-way development using CMS (ModX, Joomla etc), own designed systems,
  • writing small CRM and ERP (usually for bookkeeping purposes) systems with large DBs,
  • parsers/grabbers, scripts of different types on PHP and Ruby.

Code Pilots
2021 – 2022

Complex sites and mobile apps

Backend Programmer (PHP), team leader
  • backend for SPA and mobile web applications on Symfony 5,
  • system design on predevelopment,
  • team leading, new projects time estimations.
Last projects:
  • Toomanygifts
    A large online shop for business and printing-on-demand service. Challenge of this project was about moving to modern framework from the legacy system, saving all data and expanding functionality.
    I designed a new DB scheme considering transferring tens of thousands products with variable attribute sets. Also my part was to develop the whole search engine, develop order and some other minor modules. I was participating in meetings with client and other developers to discuss possible future functionality expanding and connecting to client's other services APIs.
  • Dog Walking App
    A service where users can find dog walkers.
    I was a team leader on this project. There were a lot of discussions with the client's developing team about connecting to their user services, their bots and so on. Our analyst, I and other colleagues worked a lot to design and develop a base for an expandable system with growing functionality.

2011 – 2013

German-Russian company
Complex sites, e.g. online shops, hotel and ticket booking systems

Web-programmer (PHP, Ruby), team leader
  • complex sites on MVC frameworks (Symfony2, Yii, RoR),
  • site maintenance,
  • API and general cross system interaction architecture designing.
Last projects:
  • Superbooking
    A service for searching for airplane tickets with a simple and comfortable design. Developed with Symfony 2, connected to Uniteller and Rapida payment systems.
    I was one of the programmers in a developing team. I made some parts of admin and mailing modules.
  • Runbee
    A service for seeking a day-job using maps. The site had a complex system of job, mail lists and very useful maps pages for employers and workers (runbees). Developed with Symfony 2, jQuery, Yandex and Google maps, Robokassa payment system.
    I was a team leader on this project. I designed site architecture, wrote technical documentation, made some parts of admin, user account modules etc

Education and training

High school

Master of radio-physics, specialization Information systems and processes,
Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia, GPA 5 (A), 2011 – 2013
Bachelor of physics, specialization Quantum electronics, institute of physics,
Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia, GPA 4.25 (B+), 2007 – 2011

Secondary school

9th school with extensive English learning, class of math and physics,
Kazan, Russia, 1997-2007
Silver medal awarded for exceptional academic performance (equivalent to A-level)

Other skills and competences


  • English – upper intermediate/advanced
  • German – pre-intermediate (A2)
  • Russian – native
  • Tatar – pre-intermediate

Social skills and competences

  • While I was working at Webdoka and Code Pilots on some projects I was a team leader. Also I restructured and was maintaining a knowledge base.
  • At my institute I organize a lot of courses and activities. For example we use project development with some final semester results as a base of education approach. Hence it requires me to pick up the right projects for students, assemble a balanced team of students with different skills.

Hobbies and activities

  I like to sort out, group and visualize information as some kind of creative work. E.g. I work with video editors (Adobe Premiere), presentation editors, wiki engines. Usually the result of my work is a video lecture for my students but once I even made a 8 min length movie about my native city Kazan.